Flying through Life like a butterfly
This page is just in English for the moment because it's for all those who never been to Germany. It contains information about Germany and some of my family and my house too.

My house

I live in a house which is really nice because usually you live in a apartment. Our house is from 1982, right befor my brother was born. It's small and I guess Andrew will be shocked but anyway.
It hase a living room, a tiny bathroom, a dining room, a kitchen, my parents room, the office and guest room. Upstairs are my brother's room and my room plus the attic. And we also have a basement.

The basement is, unlike to some other places, for storage. We have our wine there, the computer room and the central heat. Yes, we do have central heat, it's just a bit different.
The attic is also for storage, more like the "we don't need that anymore" storage.

Attached to our house we have a fairly big garden. No yeard, a garden with flowers, and trees (a bunch of trees), a pool and two ponds (my fish). Mom and Dad love the garden and back in the days of the GDR we used it to get vegetables and fruits. We still do that but now it's more like a hobby. So because of my parents I am crazy about green stuff and love being outside. *yes, that's a hard one for you Andrew*

My City

Leipzig has about half a million citizens. So it's a fairly big city. This summer the WM will be placed here, at least parts of it. Leipzig is old, very old. One of the oldest cities in Germany, I think around 1200 it was mention first. It was a trade center and market place.

A bunch of famous people lived here: Johann Sebastian Bach for example. Johann Wolfgang Goethe was here too. There are many and I can't remember all of them. Dad could though. But there are also a lot of famous people coming to Leipzig. Rolling know those guys, right? And we were pretty close to get the Olympic Games 2012. *cheers*

Some don't like the city at all, I don't know why. I was raised here and a lot has changed, but it's the best place to live. I don't want to live anywhere else (even though I will). It's difficult to discribe my feeling for this city. I just love it from the bottom of my heart and whenever I feel down I go outside, look around and see that this is a good place.

I don't deny that we have problems. Every city does have that. And it's ok, yet it'S great being here and living here. Ok, riht now I live in Chemnitz but that's a nice city too.

My country

Ok, that is difficult. I lvoe my country *once again this loving thing* and I am PROUD to be GERMAN. Yes, you heard me right. I am pround of being German in every sence of the term. But unlike others we don't need to sing our anthem before each school day. We don't need to show our flag each single day. I am pround in my heart and that shall be enough for the day but I could do more if necessary.

The other day I saw a docomentation about Germany and why Germans seem to be depressed and not happy with their live. People said Germans down't have any humor, we are stiff and neat and always on time.

These are prejudice agains us. It's normal and some are true, some are just true for certain people. Over all I want to let you know the way I see it and from those people I know.

We are neat, in my family anyway. Not always, because that is way to much work. But mostly.

We are on time. Yes, I hate it if someone is late though lately I am late myself. That's the american influence right there. I try to change it.

We have a sence of humor. All people I know makes jokes, laugh a lot and about themselves too. So do I. *Andrew never gets the joke* You need to understand that each country has it's own way of humor. So if you think something is funn we don't. But we try.

We are not so negativ as we seem to. I know myself that not all is perfect. I have problems, my family has problems, my friends have problems. Yet, I know that it will be better and I try to do as much for it as I can. My family is seldom negativ, just in situations where it is really bad.
My parents thought me to be positiv, to see the good in live and to go my way as best as I can. And that is what I do and my family does and that's also what I tell my friends.
My family is also very helpful and so am I. When one of us is in need we help them. Sometimes it's just about some words or a hug, sometimes it's more about money. And so do I what I can to help my friends when they are in need.

A lot of people also say that it is difficult to start a friendship with Germans. Hm....I don't know about you but I never had problems with that.
Ok, we seem to be a bit cold at the first glance. But that is just a checking out. All people I know are very friendly and loving people who will be your friend if they like you.
Unlike other countries our friendships are going deep. (No offence meant to Americans or so but I experienced this slight friendship and I am not so much a friend of that.) I am still friends with those people from Elementary School. Sure, I don't keep up all my old friendships but most of them. I was in Oklahoma for a whole year, yet I am still friends with my people from back home.

I think you just need to get to know us and see that most of us are very open hearted. Maybe we are a bit cold in the beginning, maybe you don't get the jokes but we are good friends. Not all are easy to handle but if you know us we are good people to hang out with.